Pisces Relationships

  • Creative. Pisces is very good at surprising the loved one
  • Caring and loving
  • Able to understand the partner’s feelings intuitively
  • Expects the partner to be devoted
  • Prefers long term relationships and seeks stability

Natural-born romantics, Pisceans consider love to be their food and drink. Their fragile and dreamy nature sometimes makes them live in the word of princesses and princes, and they usually dedicate their lives trying to live make those fantasies come true.

The Fish is happy to share everything with a special soul mate and this is one of their main goals in love relationships. For Pisceans, loneliness equals unhappy existence, so they rather choose being with an improper partner than being alone.

Both male and female Pisces is emotional and they tend to be dependent. For this reason they are looking for someone who would be their spiritual and financial guardians, someone to share their dreams with.

Once Pisceans find their ideal partners, they give all their love and loyalty.

The sign of Pisces rules the House of Unconscious and this fact alone states a lot about how Pisceans act when they are in love. They feel attracted to spiritual and emotionally involving experience of being in love and being loved.

This feeling for them is something that must have mystery and secrecy to it, and provide security and intellectual satisfaction. Pisceans tend to turn their love relationships into emotional and magic journeys where almost everything is possible.

Being artists by nature, they provide as much spirituality to love as they can. Pisceans are submissive and devoted lovers, they are ready to give everything for their loved ones.

When Pisces loves someone, that feeling takes them over completely. This quality makes them very attractive in the eyes of their loved ones who should always support all the creative ideas Pisces can bring into relationship.

Because of inborn sense of vulnerability, Pisces can sometimes be afraid to sow their feelings until they are completely sure that this love is mutual and real.

They seek for true love, and when they think they found it, Pisceans feel euphoric. Love is a very liberating state for Pisces which opens new doors of perception and allows seeing things that can only be seen when you are in the state of mediation.

The Fish needs a partner who would be able to provide security. This person must have enough patience and compassion to understand the tendency of Pisceans to have their head in the clouds.

In certain cases such person should gently bring down Pisces to earth and provide enough support for them to feel safe on the ground. Pisceans wants someone who would offer protection from the stark reality which makes them moody so often. A love interest of Pisces must also be spiritual and sensitive enough for this relationship to be as magical as Pisces wants it to be.

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  1. I’m still searching for that right partner. :) well done.

    • Hi I am a Pisces and had suffered a lot in my relationship.need someone…….

    • Hi I am a Pisces,and was in a relationship but what i felt, i am too devoted,and the other person doesn’t understand me and always underestimate me.I need someone…who can understand me.

  2. Im with a picses. Been together on and off for 10 years. We met in highschool though and keep going back to eachother and we have a son. Two picses is alot of crazy stuff lol

  3. Dustin Enyart // August 1, 2011 at 6:07 pm // Reply

    wow this stuff is really accurate. but what if your a male and you were born on march 5th. Witch is the day of heaven and hell.

  4. <3 love how right this is<3

  5. hey my name is shaumeion and i am pisces

  6. HeyY guys, I’m sure u all will find that special some1 soon!!! I have :) but he doesn’t feel the same about me… He’s a sagittarius n like they say, he’s 2 outgoing and I’m 2 slow and easy going 4 him… But I still love him sOo much and I’m sure, I’ll get him back 1day :) would really like 2 chat 2 u pisces as I totally love us :D lol email me at aneesa12@cellc.blackberry.com!!

  7. 17 year old and still single. Had a realitonship with a leo, but I ruined it. He was so sweet and young and in love with me. But I played him, I lied and did horrible things. I tortured him. And then I left him, he missed me for a year, tried to get me back for a year, but I just toyed the idea of someone being mad about me. Never gave in, always just played. And then, after a year of letting me have my fun, he got over me. And the second he got over me, I fell in love. And know it’s been two years, one year for him to miss me and one year for me to miss him. And I’ve tried to get him back, gone even desperate, but no result so far. I hate to see myself in the roll of the misarlbe lover, who is just a laughfor others. I used to rule, but now I’m lower than a doormat. I feel lonely all the time, tough I have one night stands a lot and I usually can a every man I want from the bar, I’m so afraid of commitment. When any man tries to make a move to keep going out after one night of fun, I just run. I ignore, do anything, just to avoid. And still I long for love. What is wrong with me? Am I going to be alone for the rest of my life?

    • No you are not. After my parents got divorced I didn’t have an actual boy friend (Or anything close to one) for three years. I ran from any kind of commitment too. You just have to try and find a good guy that you want to open that side of you up to. Don’t force yourself to completely open up to just anyone, because you might make a stranger run. Find someone that will understand the pain you’ve been through.

    • Just don’t torture yourself, I think you are just running from yourself. And instead of getting back your first bf, just apologize to him and if he forgives you, trust me you will feel so relieved. And after that, move on and I believe god made for everyone someone special. Instead of taking one night stand, at least try to give someone a chance to rule your heart. And I believe whatever you did with your 1st bf, it’s wrong, but that mistake already got cleared when you realized that you did made a mistake. So just enjoy your life to fullest, because there is no tomorrow…..god bless you!!!!!!

    • hello love! i think u should pick your head up! you are a pisces! u have the brain power to lift yourself out of this miserable funk you are in. i want and will try to help talk u into a different mind framee… first thing that came to mind 4 me wen i read your post was, what happened, in the past, to make you have thoughts and worries ab commitment issues… boyfriends=trust issues/insecurities, divorced parents= confusion on who is “the right one”. maybe one parent is single for yeaaarrrs while the other is re married forever or on the other hand continually divorces and gets remarried.. that just 2 main reasons y a commitment issue can occur. there are many more. im sure u can come up w a few… but the first step is to be aware of y u are having these feelings, the legitimate reason. if you dont kno, hard core dont kno… i would figure soul searching or simply taking pride and better care and love for yourself {body mind and soul} this means loving yourself, humbly, but to the point of where u r so happy and balanced that you want to share your love w one person. idk how young/old-young :) you are… but obviously, i mean, in today’s society, promiscuity has become an ok, acceptable, no big deal, oh well- type of situation. but us Pisceans, seem to think on a different level :) i mean, ive had my fair share of, too many, moments. but bc pisces are full of love and life.. we LOVE sharing the feeling. now if u are looking for love, stop looking. seriously. like just go about your day. its one of those.. “expect the unexpected” but dont really expect it, bc then i wont come fast enough! lol! you catch my drift??? let the universe takes it course. God has a plan for everyone. :) just live YOUR life to the fullest, responsibly, healthy, and happily. I PROMISE, someone will come along. by then, your energy will be obvious and bright. you will be noticed… but for the reasons u wannnttt to be noticed . i hope this helped… it was also i personal reflection to myself… idk im giving u my advice, but im also gunna take my own ;)

    • no, no..dont you worry if you’re gonna be alone for the rest of your life…im feeling that way to…you have company co-pisces…

  8. am a pisces male,and i’ve been with my taurus female for 11yrs. She is what i’ve been needing in my live,

    • thats right dude…i’ve been waiting for my female aries too for almost 7 years until the present,shes my dream girl im my life too…hope we can do it bro…

  9. I never knew there are so many pisces out there! Dnt feel unique anymore! So let me get this straight, so all of us pisceans are more or less the same avata? More o less

    24th feb

    • maybe more……but don’t think your not unique…because there is more to a person than a zodiac sign….

  10. I’m a piscean,i av a boyfriend who’s also a piscean.My parents dont want me associating wit him for a reason i don’t know.Each time i’m at home,away from school&my boyfriend,i get so lonely cos it seems i’m d odd one out in the family. I just dont fit in&it’s so frustrating. Wot do i do?

  11. i hate to be dependent that’s why i try hard not too. i don’t want to be disappointed in the person i’m depending too..

    • you should never be completely dependent but being dependent is not a bad thing. It’s knowing that someone is there for you that’s worth it. you will find happiness trust me :)

  12. Clevergirl1992 // October 22, 2011 at 6:06 am // Reply


    I am a pisces and I am madly in love with a libra. She’s is incredibly amazing. Her distinctive kind nature keeps me grounded. Ah and sex, is phenomenal. She’s very romantic and knows how to treat a woman.

    Love is out there, keep looking!

  13. It will be okay.. Pisces here… Ugh I am so miserable the person that I am madly in love with I can’t be with. :( Help. Hoping from one man to the other because the one I want and need I can’t have.

  14. YO, hey Pisces here. I think im going to give up or at least fall back away from love right now. I mean…its alright and all, but love aint lookin for me so i aint looking for it. Id rather fall in some money or inspiration right now success and happiness.. But isnt love a part of that? hah, oh well. Im keep pushin

  15. Hello! I’m a Pisces as well. We are extremely emotional when it comes to relationships. I was wondering if we’re compatible with aqaurius and scorpios. I don’t really get along with the girl scorpios they come off as mean girls!!!!!I try to stay to myself because i don’t like all they drama and the mess they like to start.

    • I’m a Pisces male with a Scorpio woman. One of my best friends is a Scorpio man with a Pisces woman. We both agree, best combo… ever…

      And don’t let the Scorps get under your skin ;-). They just have to be “first”. And they are willing to go to any lengths to do it. Best way to get along with them? Let them think they are best, even when there is no competition. But never back down. That’s weakness. :-)

    • Im a pisces girl and I am dating an aquarius guy, its really hard but we make it work. We argue and fight but in the end everything is fine. I say if you are up for the challenge go for it! :)

  16. I’m Piscean,22 Feb. I’ve not seen a stable lv..n I lv 4 real once I’m in lv. I’m in lv wit virgo which is not perfect bt good. She loved me n I reciprote bt I doubt it. My mum is pisceans (10MAR) n dad virgo (25aug),..I don’t lyk the runnings of tins though they are together till now since ’68. What do I do to maintain dis relationship. +2348068955403.


  18. Hi, this is kind of my first time reaching out so it’s a bit odd but I just had to. I’m a Piscean of course, born on March 15th (Ides of March ooohh spooky). I think it’s almost crazy to how accurate this is I kind of just started getting into Horoscopes and what not.

    Anyways so my bestfriend/roommate is a Taurus should be a good match right. She has a lot of issues and I really do try to talk to her, try to help her ect. She just pushes me away I’ve become her emotional punching bag and it’s killing me inside.

    A few good friends of her that I’m not close to like to send me texts when she’s in her depressed mood blaming me for setting her off or not doing enough to try and make her happy. I’m honestly trying and I try to ignore their words but lets face it it still sinks in.

    What do I do?

  19. Omg!!! I’m a pisces and all these seems too true! I’m in a relationship with an aquarius and it really isn’t working out right. It’s really hard, but I wanna stay with him…I need to find the right person :(

  20. Damn, the relationship compatability between a Pisces male (myself) and a Aries woman is all too accurate. I hope this works out, as it’s been rough so far.

  21. Hi, I am also a Pisces (March 14th) and I’d like to say that this is a very accurate site. My first relationship was horrible due to I ignored the signs in front of me because I wanted our relationship to continue, but it hurt me in the end by ignoring those crucial signs when I did see them. It devastated me.

    But now, I’ve met my love of my life, he’s a Virgo, and we are already engaged. And I always called him “my prince” and he calls me “princess” ever since if i asked when we first dated (1 year ago) if I could. There is some things I wish was better in the relationship but I wouldn’t change it or him for the world. I love him.

    Also would like to tell everyone, don’t give up on love. Let time take it’s course and have patience for your love to find you or him/her. I know there is someone out there for everyone =)

  22. im a pisces too, and theres this leo who likes me(at least it seems like 90% true), i dont know why i cant just give in and care(kinda scared of caring, seen my sister hurt too much*shes a gemini btw*) im 17 and i havent dated many guys(only 2 and i didnt even kiss them lol) i need to learn how to get over my fear of caring. Any ideas? cuz i dont know how long he’ll be interested

  23. im a pisecs to it like i can read my guy freands mide its so waerd but cool. a cupple weeks ago were put side hanging out and all of a suddin he picks me up and threating to drop me on the snow pile but he didi not he puls me up and holds me colse to his cest like he never sol me it was very romantc and it was like a fiery tail

  24. jc am 14 years old i dont wats going on but i had a reshinship with a scopero did not go so well but th eone im with right now is a lebera its great hes soooooo sweet and kind to me hes very loving

  25. jc am 14 years old i dont wats going on but i had a reshinship with a scopero did not go so well but th eone im with right now is a lebera its great hes soooooo sweet and kind to me hes very loving and i dont know how he feels the why it look is cause he pulled me up to hes chest and he ask me to look in his eyes

  26. Im a pisces,and i say “Fuck relationships,being singe IS AWESOME SAUCE”,and when it said Natural-born romantics…..thats just not how i’am more like Natural born awkardness…
    Oh wellz XP


  28. i was born march 1st this stuff is so true about me!!

  29. Hi, Im a pisces too.. I know that Sagittarius is one of my enemy. But currently I have a Sagittarius boyfriend, im afraid it won’t work out. We’re 2 years and 3 months in our relationship. I hope our relationship will continue. If it will not, I will accept it even it hurts…

    • I think you should not be all doom and gloom… one thing I have learned is to go with the flow. I have been all doom and gloom… but remember we Pisces are mystical. so anything will happen the way we will it. :) keep faith and everything will work out even if it is ways you would never imagine

  30. I am seeing a Cancer man, and 100% smitten. We have been seeing each other for about 10 months, not completely in a full relationship because we are both doing things in our lives that dont need complication. But we are only seeing each other, from his request ( which i love)… So far I am happy, and cant wait to see if we will have a future. The description above about Pisces and cancers are 100 percent correct for me… im just His smitten kitten :) sometimes we have our fall outs, because of specific incidents that have happened in his life. So far he seems to get closer to me with each day that passes, so i think my waiting, and letting him take the wheel ( with some direction from me) has been beneficial. because cancers, after all, need to feel dominant

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