Pisces Personality

Pisces Personality

Pisces Profile in Brief

Pisces tend to depend on intuition more than on rational mind. Surprisingly, this intuition can help to choose the right path better than the mind does.

On the surface it may appear that Pisceans are too slow and too dreamy but in fact, they are distinguished for their great perceptivity and ability to accommodate themselves to various situations and people.

Most of the time, they don’t have intentions to be leaders, and they rarely ever break rules. Still, they are able to achieve whatever they want, and a saying can be applied here: “Say what you want, I’ll do it my way”

Pisces Profile in Detail

Pisces is the twelfth, final sign of the Zodiac cycle and is ruled by planets Jupiter and Neptune. Pisces is the natural sign of the Twelfth House.

It is the most humble and reserved of all Zodiac signs. The sign of Pisces, a pair of Fish is an indicator that it tends to “go with the flow”. The symbol also suggests that this sign is quite dual, and it is often the case with these people.

Pisceans are torn between reality and dreams, and when their illusions don’t correspond with actual facts, it is no surprise that they end up with heartache.

It is almost like one side of them is reaching upwards and another is going downwards.

Everything that Pisceans do or say is more or less driven by their emotions, and their inner world is fragile for this very reason. A lot of people born under this sign are used to live in their own little world of illusions where their brittle thoughts and dreams are safe from cruel reality.

This is why the Fish never seems to overdo anything, and all possibilities and probabilities have to be carefully considered before taking action.

The main goal of Pisces is to explore the depths of human existence. Even if they are not as pro-active as many people like them to be, Pisceans’ force lies in their imagination. It might be that this is the reason why Pisceans end up in chaos so often.

They can spend days fantasizing about people, situations and possible situations, and this often leads to confusion when all these illusions turn out to be wrong.

This is a frequent case when Pisces is in a close relationship with somebody – this kind of disillusionment creates many obstacles when adequate decisions have to be made.

They see life as they want it to be, and as endearing as it is, this attitude rarely ever helps Pisceans in mundane situations.

People born under this sign tend to rely on others more than on themselves because they very often lack self-confidence. But Pisceans are in no way limited in abilities – they just don’t engage in self-promotion.

They do not glorify material things or physical abilities; their main focus is always put on feelings and spirituality.

Such people are generous, unselfish and sympathetic, so it is no surprise that their concern about others sometimes prevents them from seeing their own possibilities.

This tendency can create a sense of insecurity and anxiety, which very often makes Pisceans quite depressed and vulnerable.

However, this sign has enough belief in goodness to overcome all obstacles that come their way. They also have a very developed sense of intuition, which may be explained by their sensible and careful nature.

Their incredible spiritual abilities make Pisceans very good psychologists and masters of disguise at the same time.

Other people often consider them to be vague and gloomy; and, this point of view is perfectly acceptable for Pisces.  They are happy to observe the world and gain knowledge without too much risky interaction and exposure.

At the same time, Pisces cannot live without relationship with other people.

Despite their seemingly reserved nature Pisceans make friends quite easily because their somewhat mysterious character draws people towards them.

Their main goal in life is to help others and give more than it is asked for. Pisceans would never sit and watch if somebody is in need for help, they go out of their way to make sure that goodness always wins.

But, in the world of cruel minds and decadent intentions, such people get hurt very often, and their self-sacrifice is taken advantage of.  When Pisceans feel like their world is falling apart they tend to distance and have some time to be alone with their thoughts.

It is a matter of course that such spiritual and emotional people find relief and peace in arts.

Their creativity is fueled by spiritual connection with the universe, and Pisces are very talented when it comes to using their emotions and feelings for something bigger than life.

Pisces feels very comfortable in the role of an artist or a philosopher, and the same tendency is applied in close relationships and friendship.

For their talents to shine the Fish has to have well balanced surroundings, the less stress is felt the more outgoing and energetic Pisces appears.

In fact, such people very often end up taking very powerful and influential positions. This is because Pisceans have a talent to adapt themselves to many situations as they always see more than meets the eye.

However, the Fish can also indulge in a negative way of life given the wrong circumstances (this is how the before mentioned duality comes into effect).

That being said, Pisces-born always have to have someone or something to depend on in order to go further with their goals, if no such impulsion is given, they tend to sulk into melancholy and pessimism.

This is why Pisceans need to have reliable companions by their side who would be able to encourage them when they lose belief in their own abilities.


pisces personality type pisces personality profile
pisces personality type pisces personality profile

89 Comments to “Pisces Personality”

  1. Luis Sandoval // June 22, 2011 at 2:02 am // Reply

    well, i’m a pisces and this detailed profiled really described me, i’m so amased, now i understand a lot of things of my self, thank you =D

  2. hey…
    sexy astrologer good i like your predictions.

  3. yes……this is so the truth!!!!

  4. this is right on. Closes I have read online. It is acctualy dead on!

  5. Me to wow…


  7. Is unbelievebable that my sign can discribe me so well, getting to know my sign has been like getting to know my self better… THANK YOU SO MUCH I <3 my unique way of being.

  8. Metaphysical Goddess // August 1, 2011 at 8:28 am // Reply

    It’s me but I like to think I’m tougher but at the same time I can shut the world out. I am very, very extra-sensory so I don’t like to just be out there I can see through people and absorb their feelings, emotions and motives. It can be overwhelming.

    What was right on is, I do like to have someone stable and reliable around me because I can be spacey. That’s why I love Taurus and Virgo’s so much.

    • @Metaphysical Goddess you sound alot like me, well I guess we all sound alike but out of all the comments I can relate to yours the most because I like to think I am stronger however I am pretty spacey…I’ve never been with a Taurus or Virgo I seem to love Scorpios and Saggitarius’

    • you just descibed me to a T. its nice to know im not the only person on earth that gets lost in her thought and unintentionally forgets the world from time to time.

    • @Metaphysical Goddess – you just described me as well, although I agree with both you and Lily. I’m drawn to Scorpio and Virgo.


    • Liyah_PISCES // November 29, 2011 at 1:29 am // Reply

      this is me all over i love being a #pisces ! because all my friends know they can come to me for anything !

    • This actually makes me afraid. My torn soul between faith and reality makes me question what is viable. I desire the beauty of perfect love with trying to be sensible at the same time but my nature pulls me to sense the impossible even at my own detriment. So what divides the truth from fantasy? I cannot help what I am at the same time I feel such anguish at my own tenderness and longing for the good to prevail even when I look like the complete fool. I see and sense what is on people even when I wish I could drown myself with alcohol and forget the pain of my heart. I cannot engage in casual relationships for my spirit won’t allow such a thing without great pain. I connect easily so I have to be so careful who I engage with….

  9. WOW!
    Where do I begin! I am entrenched through out this definition of Pieces. It now makes so much sense why all these years I’ve struggled mentally. With a better understanding there is hope to accomplish the ‘dreams’ in my mind

    • Well …I am a middle decadent Pisces and I do have most of these qualities…but because of my past…I am much tougher than you describe….and I can be very independent…if I want….hehe…I am always in a leadership position it seems so…..that part is different….anyway most of it is pretty close….Love my Leo partner…..but people are drawn to me …for help and listening.

  10. I don’t agree with everything posted because I am also a Pisces and I am a leader , I never follow. I also care about the material world event though I am very spiritual. I am never involved in CHAOS like it mentions. A lot of the information was RIGHT ON though for the most part.

  11. Wow, this explains so much about my boyfriend. :)


  12. Lol I’m a pisces 2 and this is totally me!! Its so awesome and amazing.. Guys we all are pisces and we rock man!!!

    • Lol I love my sign too, I have studied Pisces for IDK how many years and I am more fascinated everytime I just love reading about us LOL

  13. I have a Picses guy and he’s not that shy! As a matter of a fact, even though he does kind of pull away from the world sometimes, he adores people! And loves talking to them and has the ego and magnetism of a Leo!
    I guess that’s just one of those wierd differences that makes my guy special. (I love his ego btw ; ) its great.) I’m an Aries so if his ego can match mine, even better!

    • It is said that Pisces adore being around people but want their space. I know I do…

      But when I open up, I’m not very shy. I am VERY when I meet new people, but there are some, when I’m just like, “HEY! WASSUP??”

      Yeah, I know it’s weird but that only happens when a friend makes me laugh really hard and gets me pumped up. My point? Oh, right, uh…Pisces love people. But their still shy ;)

  14. This explained me completely

  15. I understand myself now…thanks much;)

  16. I kind of agree with the illusions and dreaming part, also about being very gloomy at bad situations but I think its easy for the pisces to be alone

  17. Chloe Summer // August 20, 2011 at 9:31 pm // Reply

    Its all truee!(:

  18. AHHHHHH I JUST GOT MIND RAPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. rockstargirl // August 21, 2011 at 11:22 am // Reply

    truely………me!!!!!!!!how amazing the discription was!!!!!!!!!

  20. this explains me Completely!
    me and my girl friend are both Pisces and I’m loving it.we sometimes get both depressed and push our selves from the world but when one of us is down we reach out to each other and support each other in any way we can.

  21. I love this! Love my sign. Yes It does explain me. I take so much pride in my sign and This is me like everyone else has said thru and thru.

  22. It is disturbing that all of us sit in the same pond. I pray every day that should I get born again then please could I be not a pisces again. I cannot take the emotional stuff for a second time and I am sure the peole around me neither.

    • I agree!! As much as I like being a Pisces I wouldn’t choose to be one, the emotions are very intense and hard to cope with. and I often feel my kindness and genorosity get taken for graunted. I would much prefer to be a sign which has confidence and doesn’t feel much emotion.

    • I agree with you, yes I love the part of me that is creative, sympathetic, but I hate being taken advantage of and it happens over and over again, i deactivated my facebook account and my skype. However, I love the part of me that I can see through people, I can totally analyze them from the way they talk, smile, gesture and everything. I also have two kids who are both Pisces!

  23. “Say what you want, I’ll do it my way.”

    101 per cent.

  24. i have a book on it. It’s amazing how they describe pisces. they even talk about our erogonous part and its our feet!

  25. Wow! I’ve just been described right here, but there’s something missing.I’m 20 but feel like i’m 7 years older than i am&i’m still being treated like a baby. I just want to be away on my own but dont get the chances. My boyfriend is also a pisces&we’re enjoying it though we sometimes drift away

  26. I’ll love to chat with a fellow pisces,let’s share experiences. You can contact me via. Barmey4real001@yahoo.com

  27. Yep, that’s kind of me:$
    I have chosen the artistic craft rather than a solid profession. I’m a graphic designer while my mum (by the way she’s a Capricorn) had dreamed of me becoming a doctor …my family is really down to earth and sometimes we have a miscommunication when I try to talk about my life. I’m still studding now in an art academy and every time I talk about my straggles they kind of look at me from the point that my efforts aren’t good enough so it drives me crazy and also away from them. I kind of think that my friends know more of me than them so most of the time I’m not home…I also dated a Pisces guy and it was crazy, not in a good way

    • I’m also a Pisces:D. I’m taking up Multimedia arts and I hope I that I will be somewhat like you (graphic designer).

  28. This description of pisceas is so true! It describes me in perfect detail…which no one not even myself, has ever been able to do.

  29. omg! this is so true…i´m proud of being a piscean

  30. I am also a Pisces and a leader , I do do follow at times, in a learning situation in order to master a new endeavor.

  31. how the heck do these zodiac signs work? I;m kinda freakedout by the accuracy of personality types. For example, compare the Myers-briggs personality type INFP (just google the letters) with Pisces.

  32. this was da first description i read on a pisces that didnt describe me :/

  33. triston doyle // October 16, 2011 at 1:42 am // Reply

    ok im a piscarien and im goin through a really hard time and im reading this now and it acually is helping because i thought i was worthless, but i know im not anymore because almost everything on that passage describes me. and im feeling somthing that ive really never felt before.

  34. About every sentence describes me.

    Awesome. ;D

  35. I’ve read about these stuff over a million times from many otherbut I must say, this is the finest and most pin-pointing.
    I love being a Pisces for the sake of the humility, Kindness, generosity, adaptive & most of all being instinctive but at the same being a Pisces seems to drain all my energy since I to try hard to focus on reality smh

  36. i’d like to try and counter this traits… don’t get the wrong idea but me trying to counter this just proves that i acknowledge this.. hate it when people take advantage…

  37. I am n i love to be a piscean. We are great!!

  38. people everything it is almost true not everything

  39. wow thats me in a nutshell oh my god! :D

  40. WOW I can’t believe this just told me about myself and its all the truth haha I love being a PISCES!!

  41. hi

    well nice description about pices ! though Im a scorpion but feel attracted to a pisces ..I dont know would a pices be a good mate..would a scorpion nd a pisces cordinate with each other well?
    I judge things with my emotions ,senstive,creativend imaginative..
    the thing i felt not comfortable abit about in th personality of a pisces was his struggle to be in the real world rather to be driven nd trapped in the world of his dreams ..
    I feel that sound scarry abit doesnt it?
    how would u live with some one who cannot face life nd is always in his dreams sitting there ..
    cant imagine how would one deal with that point in a pisces pesonality ??
    would like to talk to pisces
    that is my email
    nana _al@rocketmail.com
    thank u

    • Pisces do have a tendency to run away when they’re overwhelmed with emotions or feel unsafe in a situation (unless they’re on a mission). If they’re isolating themselves, best thing to do is cheer them up by listening or give them a confidence boost with genuine compliments. Once a Pisces is optimistic, they have an incredible inner strength and willpower to achieve things that others thought impossible. This inner strength can also switch on when the situation demands it, whether they’re optimistic or not. Scorpio and Pisces are super compatible, I say go for it, but let things progress naturally :)

  42. “Say what you want, I’ll do it my way” – That pretty much sums me up. Almost everything here describes me. Although I am not governed by them, my emotions are always present and considered in my everyday life. Great info!

  43. Attention all Pisces!
    Please! you must read this! it’s SO true!
    Honesty, Good listener, Supportive, Cute, Sensitive, Act of Stupid!

  44. did this thing x-ray me or what? cause this is darn truth.

  45. I love myself; respect myself….!! I have a companion, who knows me and support me all the time…!!! I have chosen to become a MUSICIAN, because everyone says I am quite TALENTED in it, except my mom and dad, they want me to become an ENGINEER..!! Well, I do love both ENGINEERING and MUSIC..!!

    “Say what you want, I’ll do it my way”, explains me..!! My boss gives me works and I do them in my own way unlike my colleagues..!! I am kinda CAREFREE and WORKAHOLIC..!!

    I sometimes hate my family; then leave home and again I return home, everything seems normal..!!! So, this is driven by EMOTIONs…!!! LEARNT that..!!!

    I have a EXTREME HUNGER of KNOWLEDGE..!! I just want to know about EVERYTHING..!!! SCIENCE, ARTS, COMMERCE, everything..!! But, I have a problem (that’s what people say), I am a BORING, not much TALKATIVE…!! Girls find me BORINGGGGGGG…LOL!!!

    That’s what I wanted to say about myself..!! Above all, I have got + and – sides…!! NO ONE can be DESCRIBED as PERFECT…!! I am proud of what I am, PISCES..!!!


  46. This is so true :D
    This is a big help for me to understand myself.
    :) thank you for this wonderful website.

  47. :)
    i agree wid evrything dts spoken here.
    just a doubt. i need 2 clarify.
    Pisceans, being so sensitive nd spiritual, away from the lust of materialistic world, not into leadership at all.. how do they go well wid da Leo who are xactly the opposite…
    should i take it as a north-south pole attraction? *the theorem of opposites attract*

    • Yes, Pisces and Leo are polar opposites, but they are both die-hard lovers of music and art, though for different reasons (some Pisces may not know this about themselves; it develops with time). Leos are very materialistic, but it’s difficult to label Pisces, because they can become whoever they want to achieve their dreams (but they are always a bleeding heart in touch with others’ emotions, unless they’ve been betrayed [if you see a Pisces with vengeance in their eyes, run for the hills!].). When my Leo friend talks about how she got her hair done and has all these things she has to do around the house, I try to be interested, but it really bores me. When I talk to her about my dreams and ambitions, she’s supportive but doesn’t really can’t identify with me if she thinks I’m being crazy or impractical. But I like being crazy and impractical, it moves mountains :)

  48. WOW – this is totally me! Ugh I hate being a Pisces!!!! Way to intense and confusing!

  49. omg this is sooooo meeeee. I am tearing up right down to loving philosophy, going with the flow, being sentimental and aware of others’ feelings. Even about psychology!! I was almost a psych major before I realized how much I love philosophy/history. I am very creative and have been called extremely humble and dreamy. I am extremely intuitive and intelligent. Actually valedictorian and I believe this is because I grew up in a very stable household. I was seen by others as gloomy/mysterious (directly quoting mysterious) but those that got to know me know that I am extremely docile, happy, and always generous.

    But I also have that duality where you can’t really control water. And its also crazy how accurate this is about living in my own world where everything I imagine is idealist/romantic. Whenever things don’t go this way or my libra long time boyfriend is to realistic : I start demanding but I at the same I have endless patience. I love this because it explains and helps me understand more about who I am and I feel like I am beautiful. I feel happy about giving more than is asked for than receiving.
    I am also good at surprising my boyfriend. Its crazy but I love me.

  50. Wooow…. the witch who worked this article is very gifted! This is me you’re reading… eerie! lol


  52. Im a pices and this describes me to a “T” this is deffinitly who i am

  53. Described it straight to my nose.

  54. just WOW…im so amazed about this…no wonder im the way i am…im so happy to read this

  55. WOW. O_O
    this explains SO much about me. especially the dreamer part. im just…still confused as to how something can describe so well.
    its true i need someone on my side like a close friend or boyfriend. now wonder my friends mean the world to me, because i can never make it without them <3

    Proud To Be A Pisces♥

  56. Omg this like so me i love being a pisces im like so awsome

  57. Wow is not enough :) So good and precise description, best site ever :D
    Pisces just rules!!! :) I am proud to be Pisces and I would never ever trade, ’cause of my opinions, dreams and the own inner world :)

  58. I am looking to mirror , but that mirror got a 1% of it blur which isnt correct about who I am . Still a very good job indeed .

  59. this explains so much about me, that i have known why i am who i am. all i need is someone to rely on so i can get back on my feet.

  60. You have written the truth about us Pisces; I can’t deny it!

  61. its really me….cant deny it,and i’m suffering with my sensitive emotions and my stupid illusionarry dreams…how hard it is…and im in love with an aries woman…how helpless im am co-pisces…do any pisces relates me too?this reading is so true,we cant escape from it piscesceans…and im still not done with my dreams that i am still suffering until the present….its really because of my being pisces and i cant give it up….

  62. thats me…me 100%

  63. Im a pieces and its true!!!

  64. ima a pieces and almost every thing hit me to the bone i love the tips i get i cn correct things that arent right about myself!!!!!!!

  65. Haha, true. “Piesces don’t engage in self promotion” Makes it very difficult when asked to sell something. I had to sell 6 ounce water bottles once at a waterpark. And of course you have to advertise, but i wasn’t into it. I still sold many but shouting and announcing it doesn’t help, if ppl want to buy one then they’d approach and ask. But being a pisces i was well liked by my managers so i didnt shout too much anyway and still sold a good amount.

  66. I am 100% a Pisces!! I love my zodiac sign I would not change it. The only downside of being this sign is we can be emotional, take things personal I try my best to balance myself out when i’m feeling that way.

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