Pisces Personality Traits – Positive & Negative Side of Pisces Personality

Positive Side of Pisces

Positive qualities: generosity, compassion, peacefulness and kindness.

Pisceans are very concerned about the problems of the world; they feel that it is a personal duty to make the universe a better place.

It is in the nature of those born under this to believe that everyone should help each other and look after each other all the time. And that is exactly what Pisces does.

As extremely receptive people, Pisceans are very good psychologists, and they have the ability relate to the problems of others. People who have troubles often turn to Pisces for advice and they are never disappointed.

What makes them such good companions is their non-judgmental nature. They are tolerant to everyone and everything, and they imagine themselves in someone else’s shoes before judging.

Pisces is a very generous and dedicated friend you can always ask for advice or compassion. If a lost soul comes to Pisceans for help, they will do their best to guide such soul to the right path.

This inborn altruism helps them in their constant strive for goodness, and although sometimes life gets them down they can recover very fast and keep on going.

Many people born under this sign can achieve great success in career or social life when they have enough support and encouragement.

Pisceans’ strive for knowledge is almost subconscious; they often state facts and give theories that they do not fully comprehend themselves but that are in fact true.

Pisces has a highly evolved sense of intuition that helps to make successful decisions in various situations, and most of the time they know how to apply this gift in life.

Many people born under this sign have a great potential to become psychologists or representatives of professions where perceptivity and intuition are needed.

When it comes to work they are willing to work hard even if they are not paid much. Pisceans wait for a promotion quietly and calmly, but if they feel that they have waited too long, they took matters into their own hands. They know their own value and assess the completed work properly.

Cases of pessimism or moodiness occur when Pisceans demand too much from themselves. Then they need to be alone to find their center again, and once they learn how to deal with the inborn sensitivity, the word is their oyster.

Negative Side of Pisces

Negative qualities: insecurity, self-doubt, extremity and sulkiness.

Many representatives of Pisces zodiac sign are often quite gloomy. This happens because such people like to see the world from their own perspective, so when things go wrong Pisces just cannot deal with the fact that illusions don’t always (in fact, rarely ever) correspond with reality.

Pisceans also often feel unfortunate that their life is more complicated than other people’s even though it is namely themselves who hesitate to take actions to make their own life better. They prefer “going with the flow” instead of making things happen by using their own powers.

This is why they often depend on other people too much – Pisceans think that others have better answers. Because they are so helpful they often get used and for this reason they are insecure about other people, sometimes even too careful.

Often the Piscean considers the word to be a cruel and unfair place, and this feeling makes them isolate themselves. It is not unusual that many representatives of this sign seek relief in mysticism, alcohol or drugs.

Basically, it is bohemia that allegedly offers a life without a care. They constantly feel that there must be better way than facing reality, so they find a lifestyle that allows them not to be involved in actual problems.

Too much sensitivity can also create many troubles in life for Pisces. They can be easily discouraged from doing something and often get too emotional when criticized.

Another big issue is that they hesitate to take action even when they know how things should be; so sometimes it becomes almost impossible for them to find the best solution for a problem because they want to keep themselves and everyone else happy, but remain justice at the same.

This is why in the eyes of others Pisceans can appear lazy, indecisive or even pushovers.  The main obstacle that prevents them from succeeding in life is their own inability to cope with the facts, instability of character and dependence on other people’s opinion.

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  1. i am a pisces and this information is very accurate! Well done

  2. Im a Pisces and this stuff seems like me alot!

  3. I am a pisces and this describes me very well. I may have to print this out and have people to refer to it lol

  4. This is me. Sad but true!

    • Take that neck you dumbass. no one was asking for your opinion. So this is what I want you to do, kay….take your hand and slap the back of your neck as hard as you can. thankyou for your time(:

  5. I am a pisces and I must say this is 100% true…but indeed we r tha best:)

  6. Scythian Witch // August 2, 2011 at 11:53 am // Reply

    I’ve thought about your free reading but have come to the conclusion it’s going to be bias and bases on all of the above mentioned & not forgetting Numerology then my email will be bombarded asking for payment for a fuller reading?

  7. Scythian Witch – we do not offer any reading service or any paid products. You are probably referring to 3rd party ads being placed on this site by google — we are not affiliated to them. =)

    For us the biggest reward is when people visit our site and give all the wonderful comments. And when we promote a product ourself (and we will make it clear that it is recommended by us) – you can be sure that it will be of the highest quality.

    However, I am not sure what readings you are talking about here.

  8. Wow im a pisces and believe or not this is the truest i have read

  9. right n the head, but what i want to know is how to get over these negative traits…

  10. I am a Pisces and this rings true to me…

  11. All I can say is WOW, it describes me,

  12. im pisces and all i can really say is damn this is all true it basically described me

  13. am a piscean… n dis z all true…..

  14. hmmmmmmm… So true!!! God help us.

  15. Gaurav Singh // August 25, 2011 at 7:52 pm // Reply

    all true … !!!

  16. This just blew my mind reading this. This is like 100% true about me. Weird to think someone else knows me better than myself. I do think Pisces have the most to offer the world if we only were not held back.

  17. The description is right on for me for the positive traits but not the negative. My birthday is the 18th. I think those that are closer to the outer of the sign pick up traits from those that come before and after. I see that I also have traits of the Aries.

  18. So TRUEEEE!!!!!

  19. I’m a Pisces and most of this is true about me!

  20. pisceans are living a curse. lol

  21. Canine Casanova // September 15, 2011 at 8:34 am // Reply

    Very true of me, even the negatives. I do believe Pisceans do have a bit of every sign in us. Ive always been intuitive, read people well and go with the flow though lran on othets. Eerie similarities indeed

  22. amazing !!! it so true ..

  23. Sarah Jane L. Vicente // September 17, 2011 at 2:28 am // Reply

    wow !!! it is very true, it suit to me ,.

  24. i always knew these things about myself, but i hated to read them. so with this being true and currently occuring in my life, how do i overcome and be the person i should be?

    • savagerockman // November 3, 2011 at 12:36 am // Reply

      As a Pisces it can be hard to overcome our basic non-combative, easy-going nature. We see not only our own weaknesses but those inherent in everyone around us and we become afraid to rock the boat, even when the situation is damaging to us, for fear of hurting others. The key to pushing through this emotional quagmire lies in first defining ourselves. When I was younger I often used all my energy trying to help and family and friends in need. The problem was that the more of myself I invested the more distorted my understanding of myself became. While I understood the pain and suffering of those around me they could hear nothing I said in return. Their pain became my own and I drowned in an ocean emotional sickness borrowed from others, all the while forgetting my own name. This didn’t change until I extracted myself from every one of these relationships where I had invested too much and withdrew into my own person to find where my own boundaries lie. You will find that when you are willing to listen that your intuition is always active and will always give you a clear answer of what you want. I began to trust in this and forced myself to say no even when it was painful and I very slowly took my life back. Many of the relationships I had before making this change I still hold today and are all of them are more rewarding. Those that haven’t made the jump have proven themselves to be toxic anyway. While it is true that we as people need strong support from good companions there is no replacement for your own judgment. Learn to place your faith in your own truth and you will find your way.

    • savagerockman // November 3, 2011 at 12:45 am // Reply

      One of the more accurate profiles I’ve read on Pisces in a while. Well done.

  25. fuck everyone in the club!!!

  26. it really describes me…but unfortunately people sorrounded me doesn’t understand me…

  27. IT’S ME! Right to the dot!

  28. Piscean Girl // October 29, 2011 at 7:52 am // Reply

    Me too im born on the 18th and u’ll be surprise to know that i can very well associate myself with almost everything written on this article.
    weird infact to discover how someone else can know so much about us. Maybe those things (whether positive or negative aspects) which mismatch your character right now has not yet developed. or sometimes it is simply that we do not want to see things the way they really are and we prefer to believe what we seem right to be the only truth. It is possible that right now it is easier for u to accept only the positive sides of ur character. never mind…by reading this blog im happy to rediscover myself and knowing one’s weaknesses and accepting them is already a step ahead to fight them and turn them into our strength!!!!! cheers everybody out there.

  29. Holy crap, so damn accurate, I can’t believe someone can guess so correctly

  30. 100% me but not the bad stuff

  31. This is jst me

  32. I’m dating a Pisces and this describes him to the T!

  33. wow, everything written here reallt points me as a piscean.

  34. it really describes me thanks a lot

  35. I’ve been reading hella articles on this website (I just found it today), and they’re all so dead on. I sent the link to all the Pisceans I know, which includes my mom and two of my best friends. :)

  36. Holy Shit! This describes me completely. Every little bit. Especially the fact that all my friends vent to me and my long life dream is to be a psychiatrist! :D

  37. wow dats me 100%

  38. it’s scary how everything describes me!

  39. I had a two year relationship with somebody who never knew what to do when I was upset, and ended up saying she didn’t love me anymore…and now I wish I knew about this sight earlier, because then she would’ve realized it’s not just me. Whatever, pisces are the best, we actually care

  40. OMG I’m a Piscean – it seems like someone wrote this specifically about me!

  41. This is so accurate of me. Both positive and negative .. I am constantly in a state of flux about what to do in my relationship, career, life in general..
    My likeliness to help out friends and family before myself has pushed back my dreams even further.. I basically just get caught up in people’s lives too much.
    I look at some things I went through a couple of yrs ago, where my BF hated my close friend, and they were both being unfair to me, and remember how upset I was and how I could have avoided that by being more objective and less emotionally involved.
    Because people never see how emotionally involved a Pisces is in everything.. And it hurts us in the end.
    I wish I could find a better balance, that is one of my goals this year to recognise when I feel overwhelmed emotionally and question whether the situation really warrants such a strong reaction. For my own good.

  42. Amarayshean Hong // February 27, 2012 at 12:51 pm // Reply

    it’s all abt me!

  43. its fuckin really true…the negative sides,i have it all we are taken advantage and the world is a god damn fucking unfair….holy shit….

  44. way too true, Ive had so many people say to me yeh we can chill a little bit, but no partys, work or anything that requires commitment. I guess sometimes the person I am most afraid of is myself.

  45. Ive been trying to be a musician 4 a long time and I dont get along with any bandmates and idk, like they all want to play whats popular or according to genre adn I want to play what i feel, that has strong emotions and is extremly over the top. idk like they care about it musically and technically and like I want every thing i do to be like the greatest thing ever made

  46. Its so true,sometimes I ask my self what is wrong with me,I am in a relationship with a gemini
    We always fight about everything,

  47. True as can be… though how to get over the bad traits..

  48. So true!

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