Pisces Money

Pisces and money is something that is hardly compatible. Pisceans are not very practical people, and although the sense of security is very important for them, it is difficult to find balance when it comes to finances.

Pisceans are creative individuals who have a very good imagination. It helps them to earn money in the spheres where this quality comes in handy.  However, they spend money rather unadvisedly because of their tendency to live in the world of dreams.  But reality is simple:  if you cannot handle your money wisely you will have financial problems.


Sometimes Pisceans have difficulties to make rational decisions and their impulsive solutions usually have negative impacts on their wallets. Pisceans are sensitive for the problems of others, so when a friend asks to lend some money (and if there is emotional story which goes with it) Pisceans agree to do it in blink of an eye just because of natural need to help everyone.

When Pisceans have money they tend to share it. But big problems arise when they share the borrowed money and not their own.  Fortunately, they learn to handle money once they gain more knowledge and experience.


Despite their careless attitude towards of money Pisces has as many possibilities to make a good living as any other Zodiac sign. Pisceans are able to earn money and live a wealthy life because of their good intuition and creativity. They can perfectly use their talents if they start business with a partner who is more pragmatic and able to handle earthly matters.


Once people start earning money they often ask themselves: “What to do with it now?”

Pisceans shouldn’t trust their money to anyone. It would be wiser to contact a professional of investments. Pisceans also shouldn’t invest in risky projects because it is simply not in their nature to handle money wisely. The best investments could be Government bonds, accumulative accounts, etc. Those are secure investments that will ensure a great financial future for a Pisces with careful attitude towards money.


Steve Jobs – an American business magnate and inventor, the co-founder and chief executive officer of “Apple Inc.”. The net worth of his wealth is approximately $8.3 billion.

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  1. My name will be right next to Steve Jobs when I start my own business…

  2. Michelle a.k.a Chelles (like shells) // September 27, 2011 at 2:52 pm // Reply

    My name will be there as well. Just watch! Remember the name Michelle D. Lopez a.k.a Chelles! ;-)

  3. So, farewell then Steve Jobs. You were the Apple of many an eye. His death wasn’t exactly unexpected but the reality has still come as a shock to many, judging from the heartfelt tributes evident on many a blog and site. What stays with me most about him is he said, as others have, you have to love what you do. That’s what I’ll remember about him.

  4. Mine as well ….. “Malik S. Albritton”


  6. True, but I’m not that bad with money. I tend to save my money and only use it on rare cases for things I truly want (like gas money). I guess i’m more of a cheapskate since I buy only what I desire instead of what I would like. If i have spare money, I will buy something pretty, but if I’m running short, I dont’ buy anything.

    I stopped lending money to friends unless I trust them 100%, which there is only very few I do since I been taken advantage of before. Too many people kept borrowing $1 every time at lunch and never repaid me… that ended.

    I do hope I can become wealthy enough to support myself and family. I dont’ care for money but I would only want enough to not worry about bills. It would bring a smile to my face for others to enjoy my creativity, I love to please ^_^

  7. mine as well…Ganiu O.Bello_Eletu

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