Pisces Careers

By nature, Pisces is a very caring and compassionate person who feels great satisfaction in helping others.

This quality makes them successful philanthropists, and they can achieve exceptional goals just for their ability to relate to the problems of unfortunate people.  They stand firmly for what they believe in, so they are dedicated and patient when it comes to work.

For this reason Pisceans should choose a career where they could work with people, and use their nurturing gifts to help others.  They can use their best qualities in social or educational work as they have enough patience and enough erudition to teach about the word.

Many Pisceans pursue careers in the field of medicine – nurses, psychologists, doctors or dentists. Of course, they make good veterinarians as well because of their love for nature and all the creatures that need care.

Pisceans should also consider career in spheres that require creativity and connection to spiritual side of life.

Thus, the most suitable job for Pisces is dancer, actor, writer, designer, director, etc.  These are professions that allow such people to shine and reveal all their talents.

Let’s not forget that creativity is something Pisceans are known for, so the big stage grants them the opportunity to create something exceptional and magic. Their ability to imitate other people is very helpful for Pisceans who pursue career in the field of acting.

People born under the sign of Pisces are capable of multi-tasking, so many of them have more than one job.  This tendency comes from Pisceans’ displease with discipline or rules, and they often pursue several professions in a lifetime.  They don’t feel satisfaction in works like banking or managing because, basically, there should be more than money that provides professional fulfillment.

When Pisces becomes a boss, he/she is usually quite dependent on others and often unable to deal with too much pressure. The best work environment for such people should be filled with positivity and harmony.

It is quite hard work for Pisceans because they are idealistic and quick to change their minds. For Pisces to be efficient in work they have to love it, otherwise they can become lazy and apathetic.

Once Pisces picks up the right career, they can do wonders in that field. Many representatives of this sign are very passionate about what they do and that seems to ignite people around too.

What makes them so good at their job is their amazing sense of intuition and the wish to make the word a better place. Still, sometimes this emphatic nature overwhelms them and they feel like the weight on their shoulders is too heavy. But soon they remember that there is no greater feeling than helping others and this knowing helps them to keep on going with their aims.

Many Pisceans would like to be self-employed because they don’t like to be limited by time, walls and other people.  Even if this wish is not satisfied and they work for someone, it is likely that they will find a way not to be a part of regulated routines.

They just feel that the more stressful they are about the time, the less productive they become, and in most cases it is true. The office of Pisces is usually very cozy and decorated with an eye of designer. Pisces likes to create the work environment with as much harmony as possible. This is why you can find plants, photographs on the walls and natural décor all around.

Pisces is respected in work for their imaginative mind, innovative ideas and helpful nature. They are not the ones to do anything just to get promoted, so it is easy for them to make friends with colleagues as well. Their polite behavior, intuition, erudition and peacefulness help them to become better at whatever they are doing.

The list of careers Pisces should consider:

Actor, Art Critic, Artist, Attorney, Charity worker, Civil Rights Activist, Counselor, Curator, Dancer, Designer, Doctor, Illusionist, Illustrator, Musician, Painter, Photographer, Poet, Religious leader, Secret agent, Social worker and Spiritualist.

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  1. Gaurav Singh // August 25, 2011 at 7:41 pm // Reply

    completely me … !!! so true .. !!! :) :)

  2. 24th feb : I’m a photographer, graphic designer and writer.

  3. You share a Bday with Steve Jobs! That’s awesome!

  4. am a graphics designer, a singer, a dancer, an actress, a poet and a writer!!!

  5. ooo thats exactly the careers i like, except doctor and nurses…and im an artist! i love drawing and painting! damn theres a lot of truth here! :D

  6. ahaha! I’m going to school right now for veterinary work!

  7. I’m an attorney, writer, musician, and I was almost a counselor :) once again, they got everything 100% correct

  8. The one thing that turned me upside down was the sudden change of my mindset which is actually one of the traits of pisceans like me…

  9. one thing that caught my attention was the sudden change of my mindset which is actually one of the problems of pisceans like me…

  10. one thing that caught my attention was the sudden change of mindset which is actually one of the problems of pisceans like me…

  11. medical school right now…but i LOVE THE ARTS!!! Im a music junkie and i love quotes


  13. I remember I got lectured by my dad saying “You are always on a time schedule” when I kept saying “I want to work on my time” so these traits are so true. I hate having to be on someone’s time and i don’t like to be rushed. Though I do like to say routines don’t bother me, sadly I keep getting into the same routine with everything and if something new falls in place i do get excited but I also become worried if everything will work out because i wasn’t ready for the sudden change. I’m also a procrastinator so any chores or small errands I wait for the last minute. Bad habits of mine, but I always try my best and make sure the job does get done.

    I am going for a Graphic Design major, but the fast pace of the job does scare me, and English as a minor because I love writing stories and poetry in my spare time.

    • LOL… i am totally like that. I hate to be late cause everything in my mind runs on time. My husband can’t stand that. I am the biggest biggest procrastinator of all times. I try to self talk to get myself up to do what i need to do but it doesn’t work. LOL this is so true.

  14. this is so accurate its scary, except for the part about being dependent on others when the going gets tough. i usually find that i strive during moments of higher pressure

  15. I am still going to the high school, but I really want to be an actor! :( Unfortunately, I live in the Czech Republic and I’d like to make it in the USA. No one is supporting me in this, but I feel I would be good at it! Or singer, writer, but acting is just so right for me :(
    I would appreciate anyone to chat with me :) of course, in condition being in Pisces :)
    5th March :)

    • Hey hey, your birthday is a day after mine. You should start taking classes and get into a college with a strong acting program in the US.

  16. doldolcece // March 7, 2012 at 5:06 pm // Reply

    I’m 26 dis month and graduating from the university this year too. I’m so happy to learn sewing, want to b a fashion designer. Studied marketing to satisfy my parents but now I thru I’m pursuing my dream which is art.

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