Pisces and Taurus

Friendship between Pisces and Taurus is usually quite positive and nurturing. They tend to have a kind of spiritual connection and empathy for each other.

Both signs are quite tolerant and sympathetic towards other people. However, Taurus is more practical sign who sees life the way it is, while Pisces often refuses to face facts.

When these two signs form a friendship, Taurus can teach Pisces how to be more realistic and down to earth, how to realize ideas and Pisces provides knowledge about many things that can only be experienced through emotions.

As a more rational sign, Taurus can help Pisces to be less sensitive to criticism and more focused on actual problems instead of imaginary. Their friendship is at its best when they learn to let go all the little things that may annoy them.

For example, Taurus likes wealthy and luxurious life, and often cannot understand how Pisces can live without material comfort. Taurus is a Fixed Sign, and Pisces is a Mutable Sign. In everyday life situations Taurus always finishes every project he/she begins, while Pisces always moves from one idea to another.

Their approaches towards many aspects in life can differ completely, but their tolerant nature allows them to get over it rather quickly.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, so they both have strong feminine energy in them.

But Jupiter adds some masculine energy as well, and overall this combination results in spiritual vibrations and emotional connection. Taurus is an Earth Sign, and Pisces is a Water Sign. Both elements are physical and the bond between them is something very natural and lasting.

Pisces provides a lot of support to their Taurus friend, and Taurus appreciates this kindness and generosity in Pisces. For this friendship to work, both signs have to give each other their own space and freedom to pursue their own goals. Their relationship can be a very beautiful and strong experience once they learn to do that.

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  1. I am in love with a Piscean girl and im a taurus. I am so attracted to her ways, her simple smiles, mute expressions and feminine touch. I can also feel how she is attracted to me. And as I search for answers what could it be, it seems my practicality and earthy soul makes me stand out in her eyes. Right now, she agreed for a friendly date, though I’m not asking a lot, I feel so static about it. Wish we would be what this zodiac sign compatibly says about our future relationship.

  2. i am inloved with a taurean guy . we are currently dating as friends.. i dont know why but theres something in him, i cant get him out of my mind…. when he’s driving i always notice him lookig at me ..he’s so sweet and touchy… but i dont know! it drives me crazy… he would not text me after that.. i dont know if he loves me too

  3. My best friend is a Pisces. After reading this, now I know why we NEVER had a fight. We’ve known each other for 18 years. We’re s io close we call each other sisters. She is EXTREMELY loyal. We’re lucky to have each other.

  4. my best friend is a taurus, and this is spot on. she is very grounded, and stubborn in her ideas, and doesnt take shit from anybody.
    i am a pisces and am pretty sensitive to how people are feeling, and that takes control of me a lot of the time. but, her confidence and firmness in her personality gives me confidence to not let people walk all over me. i love her to death!

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