Pisces and Scorpio

Friendship between Pisces and Scorpio is rather mysterious. Both signs are deep and introverted, and they share the same element, Water.

Because they both have individualistic nature, they make quite compatible friends. Pisces and Scorpio are highly concerned about spiritual aspects of human existence.

The difference is that Scorpio is more pro-active than Pisces, so Pisces has an opportunity to learn how to turn ideas into reality.

In return, Pisces provides compassion, calmness and generosity Scorpios are always looking for in a friendship.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars. In ancient mythology Mars is the God of War, and Scorpio has a very distinctive tendency to approach things in an aggressive manner, while Pisceans adore harmony and peace. For this reason sometimes Pisces can feel like Scorpio is insensitive and cold.

Friendship between Pisces and Scorpio can be very complementary. Scorpio can become more kind in the company of Pisces who has a very positive aura. As for Pisceans, they can learn how to be in control of your own life. Scorpio is often a very strong figure with the ability to endure emotional and physical pain.

They are also resistant to insults, and this is something Pisceans lack. So, both sides can be rewarded with positive influence on their personalities.

For this friendship to be productive, Scorpio should not overwhelm Pisces with demands, and Pisces should always be patient with his/her Scorpio friend.

To make this friendship functional, both signs must learn to communicate without pointing at each other’s flaws. The key to this friendship is teamwork.

8 Comments to “Pisces and Scorpio”

  1. Im Scorpio and I did hurt a Pisces man- we never had relationship but he know’s I like him but instead of that he asked me to be his friend
    I accept immediately.

    since i’ve been reading alot of Pisces and are compatible sign- i think there’s lot of things to be learn… Pisces & Cancer is much more comfortable to each other than scorpio.

    since the Pisces man I like swam away.

    do you think his goin to come back with me?

  2. If you ask him he most likely will swim back. Be honest.

  3. Pisces are not exactly, “merge” oriented. They value and do better in relationships where it’s idealistic and will allow them to drift in and out. Are they the type to put in “work” to keep the relationship going?… Nope. Ask any sign and they will honestly tell you they are more than capable of breaking hearts and not being entirely loyal despite their “soft” and “safe” appearance that these zodiac articles portray. Meaning they need their space and will swim away if the partner is too much. That’s the problem with this compatibility of scorp and Pisces. If he does come back, don’t expect him to realize what he’s missed and suddenly ask you out. He will likely keep you as a friend and drift into a seemingly ideal partnership that will be anything but in other people’s eyes. I think these signs enjoy attracting partnerships that aren’t good and forever being the passive, dependent, martyr or desiring to heal the world or have idealistic love that they are. Of course you might have the instinct to protect and project the strong, loyal type.. But do this as a friend. Let him come to you and never chase a man. Always take what a man says, as is without hope of subtle manipulation tactics to bring him near. It is advised scorps should only date and marry other scorps. Well, ill throw in Taurus, Capricorn and cancer’s too.

  4. im in love with a scorpio oct 26 and its tlkin bout friendship!!!!

    • what a coincidence, I am also in love with a scorpio oct 26’th. We are still getting to know each other but I love him more and more each day. How are you?

  5. I’m a Pisces and I’m dating a Scorpio and frankly I’m more of the harsh, mean one. I’m the one without patients and throwing demands. I can’t figure out why though. We have been dating for 11 months and nothing has gone wrong so far :)

  6. passionate Pisces // December 9, 2011 at 7:15 am // Reply

    I’m deeply inlove with my Scorpio, I committed to him,but he’s very jealous & insecure smh its pushing me away :-( and we have a beautiful 8 month old baby girl together smh if he just trust me we can be very happy.

  7. I’m a pisces dating a leo, she’s good for me and i love her so much. She’s given me a firm and solid structure. She always make me laugh. I’m happy whenever she is around me

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