Pisces and Leo

Relationship between Pisces and Leo is quite an extreme experience. Leo always wants to be in charge of everything, it is a strong, energetic and sometimes even aggressive sign. In friendship, Leo always takes care of Pisces who is calm and dreamy.

Their life pursuits can be completely different which sometimes makes it hard to get along with each other. Leo is in need to take actions, to go straight for whatever her/his mind is set on.

On the other side, Pisces waits for someone’s support to actually go for his/her goal. In a way, this friendship is very beneficial for both signs.

Pisces knows how spiritual and emotional side of humans operates and his/her intuition often helps Leo in various situations. In return, Leo helps Pisces how to be more active, and how to turn fantasies into reality.

What is more, Pisces gives Leo emotional support that this sign very appreciates. When these two signs collaborate it is often Pisces who provides creative and innovative contributions to this team, while Leo takes those ideas and materializes in reality.

When Leo and Pisces form a friendship they find themselves in situations they have never been before.

Pisces shows Leo how much joy humanitarian activity can bring. It is known that Leos tend to be self-centered and consider themselves superior, so Pisces can teach Leo how to use their energy for better purposes.

In return, Leo can teach Pisces to overcome shyness and show others what they really can do. Leo is a Fire Sign, and Pisces is a Water Sign. Too much energy from Leos can tire Pisceans, and too much emotionality from Pisceans can bring Leos down.

The key in such situations is to let certain things go and be more flexible. Friendship between these two signs is successful once they unite their strengths. They find harmony when both have roles they are content with.

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  1. Well me and my babie is going well in our relationship. He is a Leo and I am a Pisces and its nothing wrong with us as being one. He is the most amazing person I have ever meet in my life. He is so sweet and of-coarse he is adorable. I love him and he makes me smile extra hard whenever we talk. When we’re not talking on the phone, I get so anxious and demanding to talk to him. Ugh! I really like him. Scratch that I really love him. :) Since the night I meet him it’s been something about him that i adore. He really makes me feel like i’m worth the time he puts into our relationship. The most shocking part about it is that it’s only been 7 days and I feel this way about him. Dreamy huh?, yea i know. It’s cool though cause we not going nowhere. :)

  2. I’m a Pisces and my close friend is Leo. We have 6 years gap in age. He said he can wait. I hope that it’s true. Because he is caring and it’s true that Leo helps Pisces how to be more active, and how to turn fantasies into reality.. And he’s sweet too. ^.^

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