Pisces and Aries

When Pisces and Aries form a relationship, it is rather beneficial for both signs. It may seem that these signs are too alike to even get along but once they overcome their basic differences their friendship can be very productive.

Character-wise Pisces and Aries are very different. Aries likes to be the leader, follows impulses and does not worry about consequences. Pisces is much quieter; this sign is poetic, dreamy and likes to watch everything from aside rather than taking a part.

When such signs are fiends it is more likely that Aries will be the initiator and the active one, while Pisces will be the one to take things more slowly.

Aries is a Cardinal Sign, and Pisces is a Mutable Sign. Because Arians like to be in control and Pisceans like to be taken care of, this relationship has quite a positive balance and both sides are happy with such placing of roles.

When the two are in a close friendship they balance each other: Pisces provides Aries emotional support and comfort, while Aries rewards Pisces with guidance and protection. Pisceans are able to understand what it is best using their strong sense of intuition, which often helps Arians who are used to jumping into action without thinking.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and Aries is ruled by Mars. Neptune gives this relationship creativity and emotional aspects, and Mars provides dynamics.

Aries can teach Pisces how to transform their fantasies and dreams into reality, Pisces can show Aries the bigger picture of the word and help them to find their softer side.

Pisceans can also show Arians how to use more insightful in many spheres as it something Arians often fail at. The Fish brings relaxation whenever Aries is tired form yet another adventure.

Conflicts between the two signs arise when the aggressive approach of Aries tires Pisces, as this sign loves harmony and peace.

The greatest strength of these Zodiac signs together is a combination between emotional and physical activity. When they collaborate, great goals can be achieved.

7 Comments to “Pisces and Aries”

  1. I love this very much. I fell in love with a Pisces and this helps me out a lot. One of our biggest issues is that he tells me I’m too aggressive in persuing him and that he wishes I’d just chill out and back off a bit.
    Its hard, since as an Aries, I’m passionate and jump full heart into things or people I care a lot about. But hopefully, all will balance back out again.

  2. It’s quite the opposite for me. I’m not even sure he wants to be my friend anymore. Which really sucks because I feel as though he is the one for me, but maybe I’m wrong?
    I’m not sure anymore..

  3. Right now I’m friends with a male Aries & we flirt,but I’m confused because why are we flirting & we’re just friends. I like him & he likes me but,I’m waiting ’til he asks me out. We talk like we’re friends then it leads to gf & bf talk. I don’t know what this is suppose to mean? ;/

  4. I always have attracted aires men for some reason, and I am a Pisces woman. They fall
    for me hard and strong, but some one seems
    to get in between us, and makes it fail for
    some reason. I don’t understand why this
    keeps happening. All of the Aires men, still
    want to keep in touch with me. which way
    do I turn???

  5. i need some thoughts. i had a girl friend awhile ago she moved on and i had to but the thing is i still find myself thinking about here from time to time and when i do its like the fillings come back so strong as to say if i cant get in contact with my hart start hurting physically and i fill like with the other woman i been with its like i’m hurt for a lil bit then im on to the next yo wats up wit me

  6. ever heard of *cold reading* ? :)

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