Perfect Gifts for Pisces

Representatives of this Zodiac sign have quite an exceptional taste. The key to their heart is to give presents that are heartfelt.

Pisceans instinctively feel energetic waves coming from material things so you will not fool them.

They will be thankful for gifts that have some mystical aspect, for example, meditational music records, aromatic lamps or medallions. The perfect gift for them must stimulate imagination.

Male Pisces would be happy to get a camera, but if you are looking for simpler present, you can consider giving him a bathrobe made of silk or good perfume.  You can add a bottle of noble alcoholic drink to make the present more luxurious.

Female Pisces usually likes presents that are both romantic and practical. If you are giving her a coffee maker, be sure to add a lovely card that says “Forever yours”.

Children Pisceans are very unpredictable when it comes to gifts. One year they can be obsessed with technical items, another year they will ask you to get them some new music records. So before buying a present for a child Pisces, see what waters your offspring is swimming in this time.

If a Pisces you know is not interested in the things mentioned above, use your imagination!

Your creativity will be more than acceptable for Pisces, so consider giving him/her something that you made yourself. It could be a scarf, a pair of gloves or some cute knick-knack.

Ideas for a gift: books, ashtrays, bedclothes, pillows, bathrobes, cameras, perfumes, handmade stuff, and antiques.

Places to look for a gift: artwork shops, galleries.

Gifts to avoid: kitsch and all the tasteless things.

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  1. yeh right!!

  2. so right!

  3. I’m happy with anything because it’s the thought that matters, not the gift. I perfectly happy with anything. I’m a low-maintance Pisces girl =)

  4. haha so right, i have always wanted a camera

  5. Waoh!this is extremely awesome! its my complete definition¤ I’m into lots of things, and am still vacant to be involved in lots’ lots’ lots’ of things” Thanks for unravelling this truth¥

  6. I’m a total sucker 4 books.

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