Interesting Facts About Being a Pisces

MOTTO – “What goes around comes around”

This is a motto Pisceans truly believe in: they are very concern about the problems of other people because they are sure that all those who are good to others will be rewarded later. Pisceans believe in karma and they try to be as peaceful as they can.

LIFE PURSUIT – to feel connected to the word and other people.

Pisceans always want to gain as much knowledge about everything as possible, and they consider it to be their mission to explore spiritual and emotional aspects of life. They also dedicate their lives to make this world a better place, and they do that by helping all unfortunate creatures.

SECRET DESIRE – to turn their fantasies into a reality

Pisceans have a very idealistic view of the word and in their mind everything goes according to the rules that are considered to be suitable. Unfortunately, those rules are broken every day and this is something Pisces finds hard to live with.

Those born under this sign enjoy living in their own little word of illusions but stark reality always brings them down. So it is no surprise that every Piscean secretly wishes for all those dreams to be realized one day.

Lucky days – Thursday or Monday

Power Colors – lilac, purple, violet, mauve and sea-green.

Flowers – orchid, lilac, wisteria pansy, white poppy and lotus.

Random Interesting Facts:

Most Pisces are of short height, have short limbs and pale skin complexion.

Pisces, in astrology, is a water sign and is believed to be a negative, feminine sign, which means it is introvert.

In Greek mythology, Pisces is a representation of Aphrodite and her sons who transformed into fishes to escape from typhoon. Their tails are tied together in order not to lose one another.

In Ancient times Pisces was believed to have been ruled by the planet Jupiter but in modern astrology the ruler planet of Pisces became Neptune. Neptune rules dreams, illusion, music, spirituality, mystery, second sight and poetry.

In Zodiac, the opposite sign for Pisces is Virgo.

Pisces is believed to be one of the oldest constellations in the sky.

The symbol is one of the most common styles of Pisces tattoos that you will find.

It is said that the zodiac sign of Pisces encompasses a bit of all the zodiac signs combined into one.

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  1. Its kinda scary how accurate this is about me, lol.

    • wow it is so true, i feel like this is a website made all about me

    • So true!!!! The wanting to be dependent part goes against the insecurity/not so trusting part but everything else is spot on. My wanting the movie Avatar to be real proves this!

  2. Piscean youngman me

  3. Wow, it’s so dead-on. 100% correct :)

  4. MY MOTTO!!! and i wish my dreams will come true..ill keep on wishing thank you very much

  5. this is amazing :)

  6. I couldn’t agree more =)

  7. Literally describes me exactly !

  8. This has almost NOTHING to do with me (Pisces) I am tall, rule hating, masculinish girl. The only reason people believe this stuff is because it usually compliments them or generalizes them.

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